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V. When adding a new job, it was not updating the list and going to the new record. This may have caused a few old jobs to change the Date Received and E.D.O.C. Fixed.

V2.0.4.5 - Minor Redesign and modifications. Added a Hide and Show button on customer notes. Measurements now sort from A-Z. Report fix, Bulk add payment form allows for adding more payments, Tax calculation Round fix, Bulk add job minor fix, Autofill dates on job forms, Restore database will now close all open forms for you, Added print tags for Birds and Species, Master parts form fix to show updated part after adding, Misc other fixes.

V2.0.4.4 - Minor Redesign and modifications. Changed the layout of Invoices and a few other reports to print vertically. Added "Edit Measurements" tab for job form. Misc other fixes.

V2.0.4.3 - Bulk Invoice will now print jobs with < 0 Balance. Added a new graph in reports to show how many species you have taken in. You can adjust the graph to show only the data you want. Changed supplier form hyperlink to a text field to prevent errors if the user does not enter a valid hyperlink. Changed invoice and work order to print vertically. Added a "Split Invoice" button to the shop expenses to allow for quick entry. This will stop you from having to enter the same info such as invoice, date, supplier, etc when splitting up an invoice into more than one category. Minor fixes.

V2.0.4.2 - Minor fix to game and fish section on the job form. 

V2.0.4.1 - By customer request, we made a few updates. Fish and game report no shows "Date Brought In", also added a "County" field for customers required by law to have those features listed. Added your company name to the report as well. Also added on the report "Date Picked up". On the Work order print out we added measurements, cape location and changed the layout. When adding a part and it is listed hit the enter key and it will auto add to the job. (Did this throughout the system on many forms). Minor fix on bulk payments form. Added Auto backup. When you exit the program, the software will make a backup copy of your database. On master parts form and add parts from minor fix to make sure every product and service has a SID. Minor fix on bulk adds form. Date reminder on exit. Added a new "Red Flag" on all job forms. Use this as you wish to flag a job for things such as "Do I need to order parts? Sent hide to Tannery, etc..."

V2.0.3.9 - Fixed the "Reports" Form. After a rebuild of reports for a select few customers, there was a small fix needed. Also added a few fields in the "Un-Finished" Jobs Report to help your shop smoother.

V2.0.3.8 - Fixed the Shop expenses form when looking through each record. Minor fix, Added the Date and Time to the bottom of the software! New report on the main page that will let you see what material or parts were added to what Job#, per customer request. On the customer report: Fixed the grouping on last names. Big modification... Now when your searching for unfinished jobs and you select "by customer name" you will have the option to select one or more customers to print. Per customer request. Under "Reports" we added a new report called Total Acct Receivables. This will let you know how much money you have coming in from who and what job#. This is good to know and was a great request by one of our customers. Other minor fixes.

V2.0.3.7 - Fixed the Bulk Invoice pricing not showing the correct total when some company options were selected. Added a print button to the unfinished jobs form to allow customers to print only one page. Added services to the database. Added species mount types and positions so that the software is ready to use right after purchase. Saves you, the customer from having to add all of their pricing, Species, etc.

V2.0.3.6 - Fixed the bulk invoice from not showing the Print or View button if the user selects an Invoice with a $0.00 Balance,
Added Customer Suggestion on the "Un-Finished" Jobs report, Now you have the option to select or group your reports based
on Date Promised, Customer Name, Job Number, or Species.

V2.0.3.5 - Fixed the "My Company" Form Game and fish show address option. Minor fix.

V2.0.3.4 - Bulk payment form fix. Added the old Game and Fish Report. You can now go to the "My Company Setup" form and
select if you want to show the customer address, phone, etc.

V2.0.3.3 - Minor Fixes. Fixed customer notes field from not unlocking. Fixed Tech prep sheet not showing all jobs. Added fields to Job Export to Excel. Per customer request now the bulk invoice will show all invoices even if there is no balance due. Fixed the bulk invoice tax field when there is no payment added to the job. Minor Layout changes.

V2.0.3.1 - New upgrades per customer request. Added customer name to Un-Finished Jobs Report, Added Customers Address to Fish and Game report, Export to Excel Job information! Minor fixes to the Fish and Game form.

V2.0.2.9 - Fixed job search form bug. Fixed the add new job and add new job bulk forms. Fixed the show job invoice and print buttons after adding a new job for a new customer.

V2.0.2.7 - Fixed the Customer Email on the main form.
- Fixed the cape/hide location form "Add new" buttons.

V2.0.2.5 - Fixed the Job Material Form bug. It was not refreshing the job list to show a new product or service after adding it to the job. - Fixed the Customer Search form.

We have been working for over three months nonstop to provide you with a system that is one of the best on the market. We added a handful of new features such as Database Restore, Work Orders that don't show any prices, Email address for the customer, In the Company form you can set your default turnaround time in days for a one-click easy check-in. We also added an Export to Excel and Import From Excel. Now you can print labels, envelopes, or use the data as you wish! To top it all off we redesigned the entire software to give it a new modern look and feel. I'm sure you will love the new layout and your feedback is welcome.

V2.0.2.3 - Fixed the Message box when adding a new customer, Made the Master Parts Screen Show More detail, Minor Report changes.
V2.0.2.2 - Added a Major feature that will allow you to Charge Taxes to the customer in your state only and Added another feature that will allow you to charge tax on products only. You get to pick and choose how you want to charge tax on your jobs or you can choose to not charge taxes at all.