- Steve Pucko owner AJ's Taxidermy Phillipston Mass.

"After this past tax season and many hours speaking with my accountant and looking for receipts and invoices, I new it was time to invest into a database for my taxidermy business.  My needs are very specific and I'm not one to buy into a lot of needless bells and whistles.  I needed a program that was user friendly easy to navigate and projected a professional appearance for my customers invoices and receipts.  Taxidermy Software System Pro does just that and then some.  I spoke with Ryan several times prior to the actual purchase of this data base "his customer support is second to none" He's a real person that actually answers his phone and all my questions. If your looking for a no nonsense business orientated database for your taxidermy business your search has just concluded."


- Dale Kuhlman ,AZ Wildlife Creations

"I spoke with Ryan, the owner of Taxidermy Software System Pro more than a year ago.  He told me about his new taxidermy software and asked me to try it.  It couldn't have come at a better time.  I was looking to change from my old software I had been using, as they wanted to charge me $250 to simply change my address within this software.  I had moved from Gilbert Arizona to the town of Show Low Arizona, and simply wanted our new address to be shown on our invoices. I dropped them immediately.  It is then that I discovered Taxidermy Software System Pro.  After trying out their free tutorial I gladly use Taxidermy Software System Pro in my everyday taxidermy business, and showcase it in my taxidermy school.  As for my history, I am a taxidermist for more than 40 years.  Tracking my business from expenditures to profits is important to me, and having a taxidermy software in which I personally can administer simple changes such those explained earlier, and therefore at no cost to me, is paramount.  I highly recommend Taxidermy Software System Pro over any other available taxidermy software in the market today - Ryan, the owner, is a standup individual and a pleasure to work with.  Give his software a chance - you'll like what you see!"


 - Matthew Taylor, TX

" I was using another Taxidermy Software Program and it was so complicated that I couldn't even find out how to track my profit not to mention the fact that it had so many buttons and options that I finally gave up and started looking for another Taxidermy software program. That's when I found Taxidermy Software System Pro. I am not good with computers but after watching the video demo that Ryan made it was a no brainer. The video showed me from start to finish everything I needed to know and it was easy to understand. I am a small business and I too track every part just like Ryan does. His customer support is great! He took as much time needed to walk me through the download and setup and after talking with him on the phone I now consider him a great friend! I would recommend his software to anyone in the Taxidermy business." 


‚Äč-Danny carpenter  Owner of Mounted in Mcgregor  Mcgregor Texas
"Just wanted to thank you not only for the software program but also for the support you have given me after the purchase of the program.  The other accounting program I was using had to many bells and whistles to suit me and was also to hard to navigate.  Im a bottom line type of guy and your program plus your experience in taxidermy gave me only what I needed to conduct my taxidermy business. Now for the thank you!!!! for your support!!!!  Anyone thinking about getting this software let me tell you about the support that I received from Ryan.  My computer had been hi-jacked or gotten a bug that resulted in me not only losing my new taxidermy program but some of my other programs.  I called Ryan and told him my problem. He was able to remote access my computer to find the problems and three and half hours later... he not only had all my programs back (did not loose any of the input) but he also cleaned up and made my computer to make it more secure and prevent this from this ever happening again.  I asked Ryan how much I owed him;  to which he replied, "nothing".  You tell me of anyone that would spend that length of time fixing something that he had nothing to do with and not charge you something.Thank you again Ryan!"