Taxidermy Software System Pro F.A.Q's

Why use a software program for my taxidermy business?

If you have been in the taxidermy industry for a while or if you are just starting out, you will need a way to
track your customers, jobs, payments and inventory. The old days of tagging and bagging are over. This
software will allow you to focus on taxidermy, not all the paper work. This is the most simple and easy to
use taxidermy software on the market. Start using your new software the day you install it. It comes
loaded with all your prices and everything you need, right out of the box. If you still have questions after
watching the video demo...

Do I get instant access to a download, or do you have to ship the product to me?
You will get instant access to download the product after you purchase it. Save the file to a disc or hard
drive and keep it for a backup. If needed, you can always come back to this site to download the new
version. Our software is READY TO USE OUT OF THE BOX! It comes preloaded with all Species,
Prices, and Mount Types.
 This is going to save you a ton of time! Just install and start taking in

Is Taxidermy Software System Pro a web based product or does it install on my computer?
Taxidermy Software System Pro installs on your computer and does not need constant internet
connection to work. As you know most taxidermist don't have an internet connection in their shop.
Another reason is for security. We don't want all of your customers information on a database
stored in the web. The last and final reason is the trust factor. Can you trust your internet
connect to always be there when you need it? Can you trust another company with all your
information and your customers information that is stored on some database in the cloud.
The answer is simple; NO! The fact is: Internet connections will go down.
Any database in the cloud can be hacked. The last thing you need is to get behind your
computer to access your business information and the server is down or hacked.
As an IT professional for over 20 years I've seen this happen and the results would be
detrimental to you, your customers and your business. Just to be clear... Our software
runs on your computer as a stand alone application, not in the cloud.

Do I get free version updates or do I have to pay for them?
All Updates are free, and you should check our site often to make sure you are running the
latest version. We continue to get feedback, and we add new features to help make the
Taxidermy Software System that much better. We want perfection and happy customers!

What operating system will this software work on?
Any Windows-based system, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1
and 10.The software will not work on a Mac, however we are working on a version for the
Mac system.

What if my computer were to crash? Can I install the software on another computer
without losing any data?

Yes, when you purchase the program, we keep your email and name on file. As far as restoring
your information, there is a menu tab called Backup Database. When you click that button, it
makes a copy of your database. When you’re ready to restore your database, all you need
to do is click on the Restore Database tab under the Help menu button and you’re all set.
We recommend that you backup your database once a week or once a month and save
it to a flash drive or you can use another program to auto backup your database files,
such as Google Drive.

What if I charge per foot or per inch; will the software allow me to do that?
Yes. When you make a new service such as Bass Mount, in the description you could
put something like "Per Foot." Now when you go to add this service to your job and
the bass is 2 feet, you would simply change the qty to 2. Now you are charging by the foot.

Can I export my customer information to Excel format, and can I import
data into the database using an Excel format?

Yes. Under the Help tab in the main menu bar, there are two buttons called Export
Customer Date To Excel and Import Customer Data From Excel. Now you can transfer
your customers from your old system and get this new Taxidermy Software up and
running in no time!

​Why Should I Use Taxidermy Software System Pro?
​Taxidermy Software System Pro is a simple, easy-to-use program that ANYONE can work with.
Whether you are a small shop with a few customers or a large shop with hundreds
of customers, this software will work for your business.
You will have the power to have
a fast customer check-in, even if they bring you more than one animal you will be able to get
them in and out in minutes. Keep track of taxes, profits, unfinished jobs, active jobs, parts
inventory control, and invoicing and change your company information, such as the logo,
business name, address, phone, etc. Save time by entering your shop expenses in one
easy location and printing reports based on date ranges, a great feature come tax time.
Don't forget about our Game Tracking feature. It will track the customer’s hunting license,
species, date brought in, state, and harvest tag or ser number, and it will print that in a
report based on the date brought in. As far as support, you can call us direct anytime
day or night and we will answer the phone. If for whatever reason we can't get our hands
on a phone, you will get a call back in less than a few hours. Customer support is how
you get and keep happy customers! As a side note when buying software for a business
you have to look at the long term effects. Such as "If I buy a software program from a
company that charges a one time fee, how will they continue to support that product?"
or "How much do they charge me if I need to change my address or make any small
Some of the other taxidermy software companies actually charge
you over $200.00 if you should ever move and have to change your address!
Do your research and know that our price is the lowest and our support is like
life insurance for your business!

As a personal note, I would like to thank all of our customers and a very special one in
Gilbert, AZ for all the feedback and suggestions that we have incorporated in our software.
I would also like to thank Mr. Bill for his master programming skills and his good looks!

Thank you,
Ryan St. Louis
CEO and Software Developer: